Ben is a grooming entrepreneur. But also, he often shifts between his IT business and electronic work.

Since his IT business is still at the infant, his electronic job dash in to boost his finances. On his account, he doesn’t find it stressful since it takes him only 3 hours of his morning. The rest of the day Ben is on top of his business – organizing his meeting, finishing on his projects, verifying order, and all other rigorous business demands.

On a typical day, he wakes at five and returns home mostly at six in the evening. At home, he must assist his wife to prepare supper, wash dishes, and attend to his two kids homework. He finally rests after making small notes for his business. Before he even notices, it’s already 11 pm, where he retires to bed for his next day. And the cycle continues.

Does it sound like you?

Man working out

A severe, rigorous, and a merciless-vicious-cycles of never ending attention-demanding-activities. Everything needing your limited time. The worst part, you are super worried about your weight gain. From 120 pounds to 180 pounds in under a month? It might be driving you nuts.

Or maybe you be, you are facing an entirely different monster. Financial constraint to get you at least a gym membership.

Whichever your ‘excellent’ reasons to make you wane a little from attending your body, we’ve got you covered.

Therefore, here are the top four most intensive workouts that will get you gain a better sleep, have an incredible metabolism, increase your bones strength, and skyrocket your modes. In fact, you will burn the fats much better than any cardio exercise you have ever tried. And the cost, 10-30 min exercises per day.

All you have to do is to have a mindset of Theodore Roosevelt.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

Sounds good? Then be ready to dive in.

#1. Body Weight: Upper Body.

This exercise focuses on building your upper body parts. Within no time you will notice how your biceps, chest, and your back will improve.

To reap its fruits, you will have to pursue the following four exercises that will take you only 20-minutes.

First a set of pushups with 10-reps.

The follow with 10-reps of straight leg sit-ups.

Immediately, add 10-reps of bodyweight triceps extensions.

And finally, 30 seconds of planks.

Make it a one go. Then on the next day, you can add our #2.

#2. Body Weight Lower Body.

At this point, your might be feeling some cramps around your muscles, and maybe you have that inner voice telling you to quit. Well, it is the deceiving voice dragging you to the pits. Don’t listen to it. Focus on the lower body. Your triceps, butt, and legs for another 20-minutes.

Start with Split Squats Jumps, 3sets of 6 reps. Make sure to alternate each leg to feel the heat.

Then, add the split squat countdowns. 2 sets, with up to 21 reps. Well, the heat will be rising, and that is good.

Follow with a straight leg Sit-ups. 2 Sets and 15 reps. The higher you the better it becomes.

Finally, finish with a straight leg reverse crunches. 2 sets and 12 reps each. This will leave you feeling a total burnout. Take a cold shower and tap yourself at the back for the next day workout.

#3. Body Weight Squat

Here you are targeting on the whole body. The kind you want to feel in control. Back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and more. Feel the flow and focus on the trophy. It is going to be messy, and you better be ready – more than 30 calories burnout will not melt on a silver platter.

Six of the most rigorous body weight squat.

Start with Siff Square. A 6-sets with 15-reps. Make sure relax your shoulder outwards with feet not far apart.

Then follow, Jump squats. 6-sets with 15-reps each. Like a prisoner on jump squat punishment, you expect nothing but an intense energy gain and dripping sweat.

Add Feet-elevated Pike Pushups. At 4-sets and 8-reps each, you will fill the filth within escaping leaving you pure. Just make sure your box or bench holds your weight.

Immediately, follow with Alternate split squat jumps. A total of 5-sets and 5-reps each. Make sure to squat down speedily and switch legs while landing on the opposite stance.

The last two are a piece of pie. You simply have to pursue 3-sets and 5-reps of salute planks and then follow it with Body Saw of 3-sets and 10-reps.

To avoid total burn-out make sure the first four your give a rest of 60-senconds interval and 30-seconds interval for the last 2. Then have a sigh of relief because #4 will be your next hunt.

#4. Finish With Burpee Sets Workouts For Muscles

Having done the first three, you must be mouth-watering for additional bodybuilding technique. Well, Burpees are your next range. Like a ranger, gather your armor, gun, and camo boots and clothes and let us hit the terrain. Here we got you another new 6-exercises escapade for your body builds. Remember it is one of the intense exercises, therefore breath in, breath out.

Let’s start with L-Pull-ups. Yep, a full 5-sets and 8-reps per set. On the bar, do the magic of forming an L-body form with your legs per pull-up.

Then, follow with Feet elevated pushups. A set of 5, with 5-rep per set. Make it standard, nothing fancy.
Add skater squat. Make it a 4-set and 20-reps per set. It is all about one leg squat, then stand lean on with your torso forward. Not easy but you will practice balance.

Follow with Single-leg box squat. 4-sets and 10-reps each set. Tight one, all your need is one leg on the box or bench facing opposite direction as your squat.

Finish the race with Valslide lateral squat for four sets with 10-reps each. Then, add burpees at 4-sets and 10-reps per set – always jump forward at pushup stance to benefits the spasm of muscle explosion.

Our Final Thoughts

You now have a list of top 4 most intensive workouts to train at home as a champion. Definitely, not a complete compilation of all exercises, but a good starting point. To my amusement, they are easy as a sip of Sangrias’ drink having an extra-tasty voyage as it sails through your tongue fighting its way down the stomach through your gullet.

And It all start with commitment, mindset, and a dedication 10-30 minutes a day. No Gym Equipment (except pull-up bar which anything can be a pull-bar). No gym Membership. No Intimidation of equipment.

No reasons to never make up for your body. Even Ben will consider taking a third job for mastering his body. So hit the gym, because you have no reason whatsoever.

Written by: Marknjo