Why is it every time you look yourself in the mirror you see a fat belly, and goofy you?

The brutal truth, you are heading straight to the oblivion of a never-ending cycle of chronic health instability. Body health deterioration not limited to diabetes, high blood pleasure, week bones, obesity, and much more to count.

Scary yeah?

Luckily, we have your back.

Let’s start with the trite, a fruit a day keeps the doctor away.

In this case, its is about curating of a healthy dieting (if you have a link advising on dieting link it here) and combine it with physical exercises – keeping a closer eye on your upper body (link) as well as the lower body. Consequently, your overall body will gain strength to fight all the clogging calories in your arteries. Needless to say, exercises will allow seamless blood circulation to all your body organs.

Soon, you will realize how everyone will be noticing your sleek curves, and eye-candy waist – as per the ladies. For gents, well, how about we start with a pack of muscles conjuring across your thigh down to your legs, athletic body, and overall body agility – all combined to become part of your personality. On top of that, you will feel invisible, and your productivity will increase by two folds all around.


man doing lunges

Then grab your Yoga mat and hit the floor with the following four lower body exercises.

#1. Split Squat Jumps

Have you ever climbed the staircase, and felt some cracking sound between your knees joints, like the kneecap, is grinding the bones below?

Or, in the extreme case, while climbing stairs, you are forced to have a minute to grasp some air only to have another setback after several steps.
The whole experience is heartbreaking. It is not acceptable. It should be stopped.

The good news is, with split squats jumps you will indefinitely prevent stress on the knee joints, cultivate quads, and develop gluteus. Soon, you will be hippity-hoppity over the stairs like a kangaroo across the lawn.


How to do it.

1. Begin in a stand position
2. Then push one leg forward and one leg back and lean your torso slightly forward to lock into a jump position (just like paying your respect to the King with one leg kneeling).
3. Follow with flexing your knee close to the floor and lowering your hips slightly close to the ground.
4. Then, while descending, immediately explode into an opposite stance as you jump into a standing position by exchanging your feet.

At this point, it is a matter of swapping your feet back and forth at each jump while squatting. Feel the impact at your quadriceps, hamstrings and calves – make it 6-reps for 3-sets. Then have 30 seconds break before immersing yourself to the next exercise.

#2. Split Squat Countdowns

Since you have gained some energy, motivation, and a sense of direction. You are ready for a more rapid split squat jumps. Commonly, Split Squat Countdowns.


How to do it

1. Repeat from step one to four of the splits squat jumps.

2. Remember unlike splits squat jumps where you were a little bit comfortable with the pace. In this exercise, you will emphasize on agility, balance, and push for an electric pace.

3. Then, feel the incredible spasm in the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and gluteus. And by maintaining longer cycles of 21-reps per set of the total 2-sets, you will feel your body electrified.

4. Once done, gasp for breath for 30 seconds, then hit the next exercise.

#3. Straight Leg Sit-ups

In this exercise, you will perform a more intense workout compared to the 10-rep straight-leg-sit-up done over the previous upper body bodyweight exercises (link it back).

If you did not notice the impact on your lower body during the previous exercise, here is the explanation. While lifting the weight from the ground, you had to keep your torso a little ‘stiff’ and straight to 90 degrees on a raise and back. With this movements, the impact is high in the abdomen area, such that you will not notice pulling other vital muscles on the lower side, including butts, gluteus, and hamstrings. Therefore, this exercise will further emphasize in this areas.

Having said that, let’s get back to the track and follow the whitetail deer trail before we lose its yummy meat.


How to do it

1. Place your Yoga mat on the floor and lie on your back and make sure you are comfortable.
2. Then, put your hands on the chest (crossed together like a knot) and your legs straight and pressed together side by side.
3. Then engage your core muscles to pull your body upright without moving any other part – make sure your back is straight, and your neck is relaxed. As you lift your torso off the ground, grab a full breath inward to contract your abdomen muscles.
4. When you attain a 90 degrees position, lower your body back to the ground and make an exhale to release the air in the stomach and release the tension in your muscles.
5. Then, repeat the moves.

In this case, lets us increase the number of sets to two and 15 reps each. Then, after taking 30 seconds gasp of breath, we hit the on next challenge.

#4. Straight Leg Reverse Crunches

In this exercise, the aim is working your core. Flattening and building muscles around the protruding tummy that is causing a little bit of distress – making you feel clumsy, dull, and goofy. A situation that has left a lady mercilessly deprived of slim skimpy tops. For men, you feel hopeless, only to find yourself day dreaming about those tight fitting masculine t-shirt you see in the magazine.


Then, it is time to stretch those abdominal muscles and pack them with some protruding admirable muscles. Fear not, this exercise is one of the recommended among the crunches. Therefore, don’t worry over straining your back or your neck.


How to do it

1. On your Yoga-Mat, lie on your back with your hands straight sandwiching your torso.
2. Then lift your legs at 90 degrees position in the air, supporting the weight with your body. Remember, to relax your neck and allow the weight to fall on the shoulders.
3. Inhaling the air, lift your legs (tightened together and at 90 degrees) inwards towards your torso while giving your pelvis a little bit of rising, forming a curve below your body.
4. Carefully, lift your legs back to the 90 degrees angle exhaling air to release the tension in the muscles.

Then, it is a matter of leafing through 15 reps per set of the complete 2-sets. And soon you will smack in the face of those encroaching shameless rims of fats.

Remember it is all about rhythm, focus, and endurance. Then, take a cold shower, and face your day confidently, refreshed and energized.

woman flexing muscles

—Our Final Thoughts.

If you have noticed, the exercises have intensified from the previous upper body workouts. It means that you are now gaining momentum, and you are ready to plug into more dedicated, intense, and sweaty workouts.

Admittedly, they are like poppy, once you are in, you are not out. Not because it is addictive, but the mere lip-smacking benefits you gain, cannot be outweighed by any mediocre exercises advertised out there. Therefore, be ready to put more effort and let us know how you are pulling together.

Written by: Marknjo