The zeal to maximize on your body comes through mastery of the art of your body – having the inward drive to cultivate healthy habits and saying ‘NO,’ enough is enough. I used to work full-time for a plumbing company and was able to slide these workouts in throughout the week.


Instead of wooing yourself with excuses, create a crack in the time continuum between the sturdy bricks wall of your rigid schedule and give yourself only 10-30 minutes a day to do exercises.


Then, focus on stretching those muscles around the shoulders, triceps, butt, and core. As a result, you will reap in roomfuls of body health harvest by cutting down the fats, eliminating back pains and building muscles. Meanwhile, the often surging muscles will bloom to nothing but the admiration of tight curvy muscles to boost your morale, productivity, and confidence.
Therefore, grab your yoga mat, set your mind, and head towards an open space to kick start your upper body buildup in this beginner training.

Ready? Then let’s start here.

#1. Pushups

Pushups have been around for ages, but full of surprises. They are all about maximizing your muscles efficiently around the chest, hands, and shoulders. In fact, they are one of the recipes for building Van Diesel curvy muscles. The muscles that will send your confidence spiraling like a vortex hurricane build with nothing but your body weight.


man walking through a cornfield

How to do it.

  1. lie down straight facing your Yoga Mat.
  2. With your weight supported by your toes and hands, make a pull upwards. Make sure your body is aligned straight such that every part of your body from the neck, through gluteus to heels lie in one plane.
  3. Then, lower your body till your chest reaches slightly above the ground, probably an inch will be sufficient.
  4. Pushup and repeat the rhythm explosively for 10-reps.


It will be an experience to gain stamina, strength, and speed – one way to push yourself beyond your limits.

Once through, gasp for breath for 30 seconds and join the next exercise.

#2. Straight leg sit-ups

In the previous exercise, we set some momentum and fired you body. Now it is time to give ferocious mule kicks to frequent backaches and gain fitness regimen by engaging your core.


How to do it

  1. Place your Yoga mat on the floor and lie on your back and make sure you are comfortable.
  2.  Then, put your hands on the chest (crossed together like a knot) and your legs straight and pressed together side by side.
  3. Then engage your core muscles to pull your body upright without moving any other part – make sure your back is straight, and your neck is relaxed. As you lift your torso off the ground, grab a full breath inward to contract your abdomen muscles.
  4. When you attain a 90 degrees position, lower your body back to the ground and make an exhale to release the air in the stomach and release the tension in your muscles.
  5. Then, repeat the exercise for 10-reps.


In case you hit the 5th rep, and feel a little bit of strain in your arms, you can sprinkle a little bit of Sriracha sauce by lifting your hands straight above your head. Then, finish the remaining 5-reps.

When through, grab 30 seconds break, then hit the next exercise.

#3. Bodyweight Triceps Extensions

In this exercise, triceps development will be your mouth-watering ‘Pasta Carbonara’ to maximize on your muscles, burn out the fats, and build on those triceps.

At first glance, it won’t be a piece of pie. Therefore, focus, be persistent and endure its scour.


How to do it

  1. Startup in a pushup position with your feet slightly apart – probably 15-inches to 24-inches will do.
  2. Then, put hands slightly narrower than your shoulder-width (the palms should be pressed downward with fingers pointing forward) and slightly further from your shoulders rather than immediately bellow them (probably 20-inches further will be okay).
  3. Once you are set-up (at pushup stance with a neutral spine, and tight abdomen), start to lower your torso by bending the elbows until they touch the ground (as if you are performing pushups).
  4. Then, push the body by the triceps back to the starting position.
  5. Repeat the moves for the next 10-reps.

‘Control is the key here, make sure not to rush it,’ Mike Fitch of global body weight training advises.

If it is the first try, you will feel triceps twinge a little – it is part of the commitment, therefore don’t despair. Just make sure to focus, and press down those triceps. It will be over before you ever know it.

To be effective on the next exercise, give yourself 30 seconds break reward after finishing the set. Then pull together and embrace the next workout.

#4. Planks

Planks exercise are among the top workouts with the enormous number of variations and benefits. In fact, they are more than 20 planks stances out there. And you can guess, it is wholesome of a smorgasbord of confusion.


But at this initial stage, we want you to grasp the basics of planks. Plain-Vanilla-Moves to cultivate your back, arms, shoulders, gluteus, and hamstrings.


How to do it.

  1. On your Yoga mat, start at pushup position with your legs slightly apart.
  2. Then bend your hands at elbow perpendicular to your shoulders, such that, you are supporting your body with your hands from the elbow and also your feet. (just like you did with bodyweight triceps extensions).
  3. Then, make the clasp and make sure to relax your back and lift your neck at a neutral position and tighten the abdominal muscles to support the weight.


Now you are setup to fly with the last exercise in this session. What remains is to hold at that position for the next 30 seconds. Simple?

I guess it is.


Our Final Thoughts.

Having completed the exercise, we believed you feel a little bit of freshness, rejuvenation, and stability. But also you must be feeling a little bit of energy drain, especially after gobbling all the four exercises at a go. It is normal, and you should always expect some juice drain mainly if it is your first time.

For now, all you have to do is to keep the fire burning as you pursue the next (Link to the lower body exercise article) set of body weight exercises. Then, take a cold shower and let us know how it has gone down for you.


Written by: Marknjo