Let’s get it!

#4. Single-Leg Box Squat

Single-Leg Box Squat is another exercise that emphasizes on your legs. It is even more challenging than the previous single leg squat. It demands more strength, higher balance, and above all stability.

Meanwhile, let’s check the requirements.

Find a stable box, and place it at the center of your gym. Then, rummage where you stored the dumbbells you used on the previous training. Once in range, drag them on the stage. But if you can’t access them, feel free to continue without them. And again, this will keep you sweating like you work for a roofing company in Brentwood TN.


How to do it. 

Start by standing on the box assuming a single leg stance while holding the two dumbbells side by side. Make sure the other leg is outside the box range to ensure safety when you squat.
Then start to flex down with your leg while maintaining your heel on the box – while descending, ensure you lift your hands upwards until they are on the same level with your face and your shoulders.
To attain a full rep, make sure your thigh is parallel to the floor. Then, start to rise to the starting stance by pressing your quads harder and squeezing the gluteus.
Repeat the movement to attain 10-reps per set for 4-sets. Make sure to exchange your legs on a count of 2-sets, such that, each leg receives an equal share of the exercise.

This workout is tough, and it can lead to unintended injuries. Therefore, you need to approach with caution – ensure your body is healthy, and you do not have any leg injuries. Once through, prepare to hit the next exercise after a 60-seconds break.

#5. Val-slide Lateral Squat

In addition to the previous single leg exercises, the val-slide lateral squat is another training that will further emphasize on your legs. It will channel its energy to building stronger adductor muscles as well as preventing groin injuries.

Meanwhile, the exercise does not require a wholesome of equipment. Except, if you are interested in sprinkling some Velouté sauce to add a little bit of mischief. If that is your intentions, don’t hesitate to bring in some heavyweight dumbbells. Otherwise, you only need a slide-board. However, if you don’t own a slide-board, find yourself a slippery surface, or wear socks, or place a dry towel beneath the sliding foot.


How to do it.

Start in a standard squat position but with one foot on the sliding board. Make a fist and press your hands on your chest. If you have dumbbells, press them on your shoulders with your elbows up.
Then, slide the foot sideways on the floor as far as you can go. To perform it correctly, ensure the other leg is bend at the knee and not at the hip.
Follow by pulling back your leg to the starting position.
Then, repeat the movement to attain 10-reps per set for 4-sets. Make sure to exchange the feet on a count of 2-sets, to ensure civil equality among the legs.

To attain full potential of the exercise, make sure you lift your chest upwards while keeping your neck and spine neutral to make sure your back is flat as possible. With this position, you will obtain optimal performance and avoid strains on your shoulders, neck, and spine.

Once through, prepare to hit the next exercise after a 60-seconds break.

#6. Burpees

Before we dive deep into Burpees, let’s find out why them.

First, unlike previous hard and maybe risky workouts in this training, Burpees are simplest to execute and also master.

Also, they will not shy away from conditioning your lower body muscles to develop stronger glutes, tight hamstrings, and firm quads.

Furthermore, you can tweak the training to include push-ups which will boost your hands, shoulders and the back. But for now, shift your attention to the standard Burpees.


How to do it.

Start in a squat stance with your hands touching the floor and in front of you (just like a frog jump position).
Then, kick your feet back ferociously by exerting pressure in your abdomen and stretching your hamstring to land on a push-up stance.
Once you attain the push-up position, spring back to the starting position.
Then, repeat the movement to reach 10-reps per set for 4-sets.

To harvest Burpees’ benefits in roomfuls, you need to pull back and forth electrically. There and then, you will be able to increase your blood circulation in your body muscles and decrees the risk of overstrain.

Moreover, you will garner up to 10% new muscles – this is according to The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

Meaning, you will be Hercules, master of strength, stability, and agility.

Our Final Thoughts.

Do you feel confidence soaring in your guts?

If yes, am glad you have come this far. All through a nerve wrecking voyage full of turbulence. But nothing stopped you-you kept on pressing, falling and rising until you have come through. And that friend is the spirit of a true worrier. To fight and protect your motherland – your body health.

However, on the far horizon, you must be feeling sorry and beating yourself for not meeting your plans. Maybe you haven’t even tried, or you dropped out of the race.

For whatever reason that stopped you, ask yourself, am I giving my body its candy?

But here is good news for you. There is still hope. Dust up and head straight to the cradle (the link) of this muscle-massing training.