Does the feeling of more overwhelms you?

It shouldn’t.

You still have two more sessions to go. And we need you to be bold, fresh, and courageous to work through the coming six exciting squats exercises. We brought in a tow truck in Madison TN come in to give you all motivation to pull your own weight!

Unlike the previous workouts where you received training in small and digestible doses, these sets of exercises will increase the level of difficulty. They will test your strength, persisted, and will power.

Consequently, you will build more muscular calves, strengthen the pectoral muscles, and develop your core muscles. To achieve all the above, you should expect nothing but a double dose of what you took in the previous sessions.

Sounds like what you were expecting?

Then get ready to sweat out till you are a mold equal to your adulated iconic athlete.

01. Siff Squats

Siff Squats primary intention is to grow your calves while developing other lower body muscles groups. Furthermore, you will be surprised by the way you will catch-up with your center of gravity.


How to do it.

Like any other squat, start at the standing position.

Then squat, supporting your whole body with the front of your feet – your heels raised – your torso a little leaned forward.

Lower your body and rise without changing your foot stance.

For those owning the dumbbells, here is the bonus tip. Hold the dumbbells just close to your chase while you allow them to rest a little bit on your shoulders. Then, it is a matter of repeating the cycles.

To reap the full benefits, perform 6-sets with 15 reps per set. Make sure you put in the effort and increase the speed as you gain the momentum.

When you are through, rest for 60 seconds then take the next exercise.

02. Jump Squats

Do you still remember the split squat jumps?

Well, here is another one with the specialty of building the explosion power of an athlete, strengthening the quads and joints, and boosting your vertical jump height.


How to do it.
Start by standing, with your shoulder-width apart.
Then with a regular squat, engage your core. With an explosion, jump releasing the whole you into the air.
According to Sir Newton, you are guaranteed to come back on the ground. Therefore, make sure you land softly starting from your toes then your heel and finally the whole foot.
Then, allow yourself to compress back to your squat position ready to charge for another leap.

At this point, it is a matter of repeating the cycle with six explosive sets each packed with 15 reps. Make sure each time you take the leap you make it count, better, and fun.

When you are through, catch a breath for 60 seconds, then resume to the next exercise.

03. Feet-elevated Pike Pushups

Fasten your belts and let’s face it. This exercise will be challenging and sneaky. It will require some prior experience and every energy you have.

Therefore, we won’t encourage you to bath with it before mastering the previous beginner exercises (link for the first article).

But if you are a master of Achilles courage, and you’ve single-handedly crushed the previous workouts, then, it is time to quench your thirst. Suck all its nutrients until it begs us to stop for nothing but healthy and stable shoulders. Do not forget we are dragging along the cousin triceps.


How to do it

Place a stationary object (a box or a high bench will be sufficient) with a considerable height (probably 35 inches to 20 inches depending on your height) on the strategic position on the floor.
Then, place your feet on top with your hips bend roughly at 90 degrees angle.
To get into position, put your feet on the object and walk backward with your hands till your head is between your hands and exactly below your shoulders and hips( forming an inverted L-shape). Make sure to straighten your legs. But if you feel some strain in your hamstrings, bend the knees a little to ward off some strains.
# Then when you are ready and comfortable. Bend your arms at the elbow, lower your torso until your head is almost an inch away from the ground, then, pull back into the starting position.

04. Repeat the moves for 8-reps per set, for 4-sets.

Embrace the exercise like a trophy, and put your strength, endurance, and stability to the test. But, be on the lookout, because, if you push yourself too hard you can strain your muscles. Therefore, be tender on yourself to avoid any injuries.

When you are through, take 60 seconds break, then move to the next exercise.