Let’s continue the exercise!

4. Split Squat Jumps

If you are keen, you’ve noticed we have a repetition here. Why? We know at this level, you are a mastered of split squats jumps, and your body is ready to take-in more vigorous of them. If not, please get back to the basics (link here) then come back.

Therefore, prepare to sweat out like a roofer in Nashville TN!

Meanwhile, if your body is begging for more, here is a full reminder of how-to – with a step by step guide, to save you the troubles of going all the way back.


How to do it.

Begin in a stand position
Then push one leg forward and one leg back and lean your torso slightly forward to lock into a jump position (just like paying your respect to the King with one leg kneeling).
Follow with flexing your knee close to the floor and lowering your hips slightly close to the ground.
Then, while descending, immediately explode into an opposite stance by exchanging your feet positions.
Repeat 5-reps per set for the total 5-sets.

Then take a break for 60 seconds before hitting the next exercise.

5. Salute Planks

Feeling the heat?

Well, with salutes parks, you will be mastering your body mechanics. You will increase your body balance and send those shameless back injuries packing, mercilessly. By doing so, you will build a secure, stable, and muscular torso.


How to do it

On your Yoga mat, start at pushup position with your legs slightly apart.
Then bend your hands at elbow perpendicular to your shoulders, such that, you are supporting your body with your hands from the elbow and also with your feet. (just like planks you did during your upper body(link) training exercises ).
Then, in a plank position, bring your forearm to your forehead in a salute move. Make sure to hold your chest out and squeeze those glutes to get the stability.
Hold for about 5 seconds without twisting your hips before switching the arms.
Having set up, it is a matter of exchanging the arms.

To get most out of this exercise, repeat the moves for five times per set – make sure to carry on for 5-sets in total.

At the end of the exercise, you will feel the explosion of your core, and that is exactly what we are after – the squeeze that will result in nothing but eye candy six packs.

Then, take 30 seconds break, before hitting the last exercise of this session.

6. Body Saw

Body Saw planks. Yep, a variety from planks toolbox.

But why is it special?

Just like the ab wheel rollout exercise, this one digs its roots on the same bedrock. The aim is to drive nuts every bit of the fats remnants in your abdomen. They squeeze the angry belly until it screams for nothing but a glamor of abs without the need of any equipment.

How to do it.

But first, let’s have a little bit of preparation before we beat the road.

Make sure you can access a room with enough space such that you can slide with ease without objection. The floor should be slick enough to allow slide movements. In case you face a rubbery floor situation, try to avoid, else place a tuff carpet on top.

Further, to aid with sliding movements, it is advisable to wear socks or put a dry towel beneath your feet. Whereas, a Yoga Mat will come in handy to place your hands and support your body from sliding as you push back and forth.

Feeling ready?

How to do it.

Start at a plank position making sure your feet is in the sliding area as well as you support your weight on the Yoga Mat.
Then slide your body backward, and pull back into the plank position – as if driving an ab wheel rollout.
Carry on with the moves for 3-sets with each set weighing 10-reps.

Once you are through you will feel the soreness in the stomach, don’t fuss it is an ordinary experience and it is acceptable. Therefore, feel free to gasp for breath since it is the end of the session.

Our Final Thoughts

By now you must be feeling an electric energy combined with excitement and awe flowing in your body – the genuine feeling of accomplishment.

Luckily, to continue bathing in such waters, you will need to maintain the pace, own the exercises, and engrave them at the center of your conscious as your mantra.

Over time, you will appreciate how far these workouts will take you. In fact, it is a matter of time before you start wearing those skinny tops you’ve been craving.

But for now, what we need you to do is to hold your ground because the battle is not yet over. Then, proceed to the battles of the Burpees (link).