Burpees Sets Workouts for muscles is a continuation of series of bodyweight training. It is the last of the four sessions we had prepared for you. Therefore, if you are a beginner, start from where it all started then, work you way up. We were contacted by a company who does landscaping in Franklin TN to provide him with easy workouts he can do to prevent future back damage.

For those set and ready, get into your usual training gear and let’s score the following six sets of advanced, legs-centric and tough workouts.


#1. L-Pull-ups
L-pull-ups are a great substitute for the usual pull-ups. They are advanced training designed to push your body further to optimize every bit of your muscles. Therefore, you will reap full benefits of a strong back, explosion of the lats, and the squeeze of gluteus to form a pack of powerful muscles.

Meanwhile, let’s check for the essential gear.

For this exercise to be useful, you will need a professional hanging bar. Therefore, make sure you can access one. What if you can’t access one?

Don’t sweat.

Find a spot outside with two poles side by side where you can position a bar. Just make sure your bar is reliable and safe before hanging there. Alternatively, you are always certain to find one in your nearest gym.

How to do it.

Start by grabbing the bar with your hands extended outwards and your palms facing away from your body – make sure you are as comfortable as possible.
Then, in a pull-up position ( like a dead hang but not), raise your legs isometrically (in an L-sit position) in the air.
Then, squeeze your shoulders together, with a forceful exhale, pull yourself up to the bar until you flex your arms fully.
Continue pulling until your elbow is between your ribs and above the bar.
Before lowering, pause for a count of five. Then, with an inhalation, lower yourself slowly until your elbow engages to a full lock – back to L-position.
Once in a starting position, count to five. Then, Repeat the process for 5-sets with each set weighing 8-reps.

The exercise is probably the toughest, and on the first try, you might not get it right, therefore, be persistent and keep practicing.

Also, make sure during each transition you avoid jerking your body violently to prevent elbow and shoulder injuries, professional health and fitness coach, John Sifferman advises.

Once you are through, catch a 60-seconds break and dive into the next exercise.

#2. Feet Elevated Push-ups

Feeling psyched and tired of standard push-ups?

Well, with feet elevated push-ups, you are going to bull-eye the whole weight of your body to the pectorals as the primary target and extend the generosity to triceps. Then, it will be a matter of stressing your chest, arms, and shoulders. Consequently, every other muscle in your upper body will be toned to dance to your tune.

Meanwhile, let’s check what you need to spice up this exercise.

Find a raised object, probably a bench or a stable box. In fact, to make sure your cores benefits from the workout, have yourself a stability ball – one that will force you to contract your abs due to its instability.


How to Do it.

Lie on the floor in a push-up stance with your hands apart – probably 36 inches apart.
Then, elevate your legs on the bench, or, on the stability ball. Keep in mind, the higher the bench, the more the resistant. Similarly, a smaller stability ball will be less stable causing more resilient compared to a large stability ball
Follow by lowering your torso to the floor till you are almost an inch away. Then, jerk yourself up using pectorals muscles while squeezing your chest.
Then, return to the starting position, before lowering again. Continue for a total of 5-reps for 5-sets.

If you are already through with the exercise, you must have realized success it is not something you can easily pick on the floor. It requires stamina, strength, and the ants’ resilient so that you can squeeze every inch of your body to drip with open admiration.

Therefore, be persistent and face the next exercise with full courage. But first, grab a 60-seconds break.

#3. Skater Squat

Here is the key, the more we dive in, the more the variety, the more the fun, and above all, the tighter the challenge.

Therefore, Skater Squats will put to the test your legs stability, strength, and coordination. You will start by emphasizing on one leg, then, you will shift attention to the other leg in a countermovement fashion.

Meanwhile, let’s check what you need.

This exercise requires little to almost nothing regarding equipment.

To start with, you will need a cushion ( we advise Airex Balance Pad) to kneel on. To add some pizzazz, have some two light dumbbells. If you can’t access them, feel free to continue without them. But act as if you have them.


How to do it.

Start on the standing position holding the two dumbbells side by side.
Then, bend your one knee to 90 degrees such that it is behind you.
Follow by descending carefully while leaning slightly forward. Meanwhile, raise your hands holding dumbbells in front of your torso and parallel to each other.

Then, when your knee touches the pad, rise to return to the starting position. To be effective, make sure your spine is straight and neutral.
Repeat for 20 reps per set for 4-sets. Make sure to exchange the feet on a count of 2-sets, to ensure civil equality among the legs.

To fully benefits from the exercise and avoid injuries, ensure you don’t jerk too fast. Then, avoid leaning forward too much or move your hips in round motion. Also, prevent swinging your leg on either side or reach the ground with your dumbbells. A physiologist and specialist in gluteus training Bret Contreras, advises.

Once through, take a 60-seconds break and then hit the next exercise.